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Parlor's Lock is now a Young Living Distributor.  Creating opportunities to share health and wellness for you and your family.  The Benefits of Young Living are profound and the essential oils have been around from the beginning... opening the doors to give you understanding on how they support every system in the human body, how to use them and the importance of seed to seal.  Parlor's Lock is offering 1 Class a month on 101 Essentials and 1 Class for members to continued education and creativity in these amazing plant based products.  Its not just oils, its a lifestyle and YoungLiving offers: At Home, Health & Fit, Personal Care, Animal Care, Thieves Cleaning Line, Ningxia, Slique, Savvy Minerals, & more... you can check out more at: 

Blanc De Chine

NYC Fashion Week  2013 

Blanc De Chine

673 5th Ave. New York, NY 10022

Going back in time.

Honored to say I worked with the best in the industry for a time and gained much knowledge in

 the process.  A great Thanks to Amanda Jenkins for inviting me in on this experience.  As she

taught me a lot in cutting and styling techniques with high expectations it has caused me to be

consistent with eccepting nothing less than precise, detailed work. 

This is one of many experiences and opportunities I gained in NYC and thankful for all the

opportunities that were presented through hard work and determination. 

The Knot

Simple & Smooth creating a clean classy look.  

1.  Prep root direction with a round paddle brush and blow dryer.

2.  Section off triangular fringe area and smooth. 

3.  Create a Low Ponytail using your brush to smooth and a double hook band, wrapping it around till tight. 

4. Knot it! By separating your tail into two parts, prep and smooth each part & Knot! 

5.  Smooth back Front Fringe section and intertwine into knot.

Coloring at Parlor's Lock! 

Spring has come and summer is about here... 

As the seasons change our hair changes.  

If it's a drastic change or a subtle one 

you can always call on Parlor's Lock to help

guide you along the way.

I shall formulate the right color for

your skin tone and pull out new ideas 

that fit YOU, YOUR Look & YOUR Style. 



Parlor's Lock Features Goldwell Color

Fall/Winter 2015

This winter was a winter executing great simplistic design.  Keeping a mind of space, peace &  stylish accents within the reach of hair and wardrobe.   A successful photo shoot requires precise and constant attention to detail as the client/models move through each photo...  It's not just a job but a time of building relationships through the process of creating great designs that can inspire each individual to feel and look there best.  Patience and laughter cause the day to continue with ease and encourages all to relax & take in the moment.  

Arrived at Parlor's Lock: The FIERCE firm hold hairspray!  

A modern aerosol you can apply and reapply.  Anchors ponytails and chignons, buns and twists with firm hold and glossy shine.  Adds bombshell hold to blow-outs.  Protects from humidity, fortifies strands, and the fine mist fixes styles in place without stickiness. 

Come and experience FIERCE style with FIERCE hold on a blowdry service at Parlor's Lock! 

Check it out! Current Wedding Styling and Fun Cut/Color Techniques In real life on the #parlorslock instagram page.  10.4.14

Grand Opening Gala 


You are invited to attend the

Grand Opening Gala of Parlor's Lock

On Saturday, July 26th from 5 to 8 PM

1119 Maple Ave. Zanesville Ohio 

Product Discounts, Samples, Complimentary Shampoo/Blow Dry to the first ten Attendees, $10 off Services booked at the Event, Drawings to include: Complimentary Woman's HC, Complimentary Man's HC, Complimentary Single Process Color. 

Hors D'oeuvres will be served By: 

Cathy Seeley 

Owner Of The Brew Baker Cafe COMING SOON! 

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